Write Off Prevention

Turn a total loss into a viable repair

No one wants a write-off.

It’s bad news for everyone concerned – Owners, Insurers, Repairers, Dealers and Holden, everyone loses out.

But many write-offs are on the borderline of viability… a small saving here and there, and the vehicle could be saved.

Holden’s Write-Off Prevention program forms a partnership, working together to save the vehicle – and that’s in everyone’s best interests.



Collision Repairers
Saving the repair provides work, turnover and profits. It’s what they’re in business for.

Retaining satisfied customers is an objective for us all. If the vehicle can be repaired to a pre-accident condition, will meet the repair criteria of the Insurance Company, and the customer wants the vehicle returned, the Holden Write-Off Prevention program may offer the most cost-effective solution.

Holden Dealers
Keeping the vehicle on the road means future parts sales, service opportunities and potential vehicle sales to loyal customers.

And it’s all achieved by following a simple six-step process.
Download the Write-Off Prevention program guide to see how.